[2019/02/02] GitAtomic RTM 1.0.8 'Nitro' released
What's new:

  • : [New] Now users can choose between 'initials' as an alternative to gravatars
  • : [New] 'Initials' are fully customizable
  • : [New] Gravatar styles are now selectable
  • : [New] Default keyboard shortcuts introduced so user doesn't have to set them manually
  • : [Improvement] Saving settings is much more efficient
  • : [Improvement] Cleaned up backstage interface
  • : [Improvement] Subtrees workflow
  • : [Improvement] Directory search now more robust
  • : [Performance] Backstage responsivenes greatly improved
  • : [Performance] Loading repository tree on demand only
  • : [Performance] Improvement for git tree drawing algorithm
  • : [Performance] 'Find commits' is much faster
  • : [Performance] Memory footprint minimized even further
  • : [Performance] Major optimization and performance improvements throughout entire GitAtomic
  • : [UX/Quality of life] User can now decide which row in commit display will be active
  • : [UX/Quality of life] Single click for diff
  • : [UX/Quality of life] Repository doesn't have to be active to change its name
  • : [UX/Quality of life] Local Branch view displays additional info
  • : [UX/Quality of life] I_Rebase improvements
  • : [UX/Quality of life] Repository view scrolls to active repository after load
  • : [UX/Quality of life] Added visual info about operations in progress
  • : [Quality of life] Quitting GitAtomic is much faster
  • : [Fix] for a bug where colour palettes from ConEmu were not loaded
  • : [Fix] for large number of staged/unstaged files not being parsed properly
  • : [Fix] GitAtomic now monitors a repository's directory in a much more efficient way
  • : [Fix] Significantly improved reliability when cancelling commands
  • : [Fix] for issue of git tree scrolling to the top after reloading
  • : [Fix] for issue of git tree drawing if GitAtomic was in process of loading commits
  • : [Fix] for scenario where GitAtomic did not always activate/deactivate repo if changed from ConEmu
  • : [Fix] Rebasing didn't work in specific scenario
  • : [Fix] Siberia effect: Ctrl+F on active terminal
  • : [Fix] for commit revert
  • : [Fix] for bug where stop tracking branch didn't work
  • : [Fix] for issue with unignoring certain file types
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2018/11/25] GitAtomic RTM 1.0.6 released
    What's new:

  • : [Fix] for critical "Siberian effect" in case updates were made in active repository and GitAtomic was working in the background (thank you Walt)
  • : [UX][New] Highly requested feature for specifying custom directory for git.exe (thank you Petr, Romans and others for suggesting this feature)
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  • [2018/11/18] GitAtomic RTM 1.0.5 released
    What's new:

  • : [Fix] for issue where GitAtomic couldn't run on German version of Windows (thank you Thomas)
  • : [Fix] for "Siberia effect" in case active repository was deleted from hd
  • : [UX] Added info in scenario of trying to switch to repository that was removed from hd
  • : [Fix] for "Siberia effect" in case command 'delete commit' was cancelled
  • : [UX] Terminal gets activated if user starts typing without the need to manually activate it first
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2018/11/11] GitAtomic RTM 1.0.4 released
    What's new:

  • : Fix for issue where user where unable to create git config (thank you Thomas)
  • : Fix for issue where user was unable to change user name in git config
  • : Fix for issue where GitAtomic couldn't create save file with local repositories
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2018/11/04] GitAtomic RTM 1.0.3 released
    What's new:

  • : Interactive rebase functionality now available via GUI
  • : GitAtomic integrated in OS shell menu (thank you Maseej!)
  • : Completely revamped drawing of git tree
  • : Optimized updating of Working Tree Status
  • : Cherry-pick now has complete options set available via GUI
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  • [2018/10/01] GitAtomic RTM 1.0.2 released
    What's new:

  • : GitAtomic also works on any non-English OS (thank you Jerome for reporting this issue)!
  • : List of repositories is saved as soon as repository is added/removed.
  • : Added support for pull request for GitHub.
  • : ConEmu updated to newest (180626) version.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2018/09/14] GitAtomic RTM 1.0.1 released
    What's new:

  • : New: QuickSearch [Ctrl+F] functionality implemented, you can search through entire GitAtomic, be it diff, branches, history, repositories, you name it.
  • : Fixed bug where GitAtomic crashed if there was no '.gitignore' file and user wanted to ignore file/folder. Thank you Michel for reporting this issue.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2018/08/12] GitAtomic RTM released
    What's new:

  • : I would like to thank the community at 4Programmers.net for their invaluable feedback and suggestions. Special thanks go to @somedev, @somekind and @Ktos. Thank you guys, thanks to you GitAtomic is better than ever!
  • : GitAtomic is now digitally signed and Artur Czajkowski in now a Verified Publisher
  • : Dialog "Merge Branch" now has squash option
  • : Dialog "Delete Branch" now sets the name of selected branch as a first option
  • : Stage/Unstage buttons are now dynamically positioned
  • : GitAtomic remembers its size and position when it was last closed
  • : GitAtomic default layout adjusted so it is more intuitive for first time users
  • : Checkout option added to selected commit
  • : Open option added for selected file
  • : User can now specify date format for commit view
  • : GitAtomic now displays informative info on push dialog about action being currently performed
  • : Backstage no longer flickers during resize
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  • [2018/07/02] Beta 2018 update 2 released
    What's new:

  • : Integration with Visual Studio Team Services
  • : Easy setup up in cases where remote repository was created independently of local repository
  • : Diff View now has adjustable headers
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2018/06/21] Beta 2018 update 1 released
    What's new:

  • : Improved Find commit feature. Now searches are much faster
  • : When searching for commits, user can now exclude specific files' extensions
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2018/06/17] Beta 2018 released
    What's new:

  • : New feature: GitAtomic is now searchable, meaning you can start typing in Search box on main ribbon and GitAtomic will display matching commands
  • : New feature: Filter commits - now you can find commits based on specified criteria
  • : Clone functionality now allows you to specify additional options
  • : Submodules now can be cloned with depth
  • : Considerable improvements to the staging engine
  • : Diff: external tools can now diff files from comparing branches and stash plus it is now possible to execute diff on items in Repository View
  • : Every command now is cancellable
  • : Number of internal improvements with regards to performance and memory consumption
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2018/04/08] Alpha 2018 update 1 released
    What's new:

  • : Settings Page: Diff & merge tools are configurable
  • : In Clone dialog user can now specify which branch to clone
  • : Fixed problem where GitAtomic could not add some types of repositories
  • : Improved performance
  • : Improved memory management
  • : Streamlined command system
  • : Ribbon: Reorganized Repositories and Branches Tabs for better UX
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------