with GitAtomic.

GitAtomic is the git client for the 21st century. Written in native Windows framework MFC, it delivers the combination of beauty, elegance and performance which software engineers have a right to expect from a modern software.


GitAtomic started life in 2017 when Artur Czajkowski, a software engineer from Poland, found himself frustrated with the limitations of existing git clients on the market. None provided all the features he expected to find in a fully-fledged, modern git client. All involved some degree of compromise, a fact that Czajkowski found unacceptable.


So he decided to make his own - and after a year of evenings and weekends devoted to creating the ultimate git client, GitAtomic is the result.


GitAtomic doesn’t cut any corners or take a half-hearted approach. It gives you what you should expect and demand as an industry standard. There should be no compromise between appearance and performance. GitAtomic has been developed to be the ultimate experience for you to work with, combining elegant, streamlined visuals with high performance and every git feature you could demand.

You shouldn’t have to choose between something that looks great and performs great - you can have both.

That’s what you get from GitAtomic.

Features highlights

Exceptionally low memory usage and exceptional speed.

Fully integrated terminal allowing you to switch between GUI and Command line depending on your preference without leaving GitAtomic.

Fully customizable GUI.

Fully colour themed, meaning not only main application is colour themed but all other components too, with co-ordinated Dialog boxes, pop-ups etc.

Drag and drop support.

Unlike other Git clients, the working tree status window is always visible and always in the centre of your screen so rather than focusing on what you’ve already done (commits), it focuses on what you’re doing NOW (Working Tree Status), whilst of course allowing you to access all the other information you require at your fingertips. This puts you in much greater control over your projects.

GitAtomic concentrates on what matters,

the present and the future

leaving the past where it belongs - in the past.